Henry Wright with Be in Health™ is an international ministry teaching the biblical principles that bring healing of relationships and health. We offer teaching to unravel the mysteries of disease and reveal pathways to health and wholeness based on scriptural insight and understanding. Dedicated to helping people, we offer insights to why mankind has disease, spiritual roots of disease and blocks to healing. To accomplish this mission, we offer the following programs.

For My Life:

For My Life™ is one week of intense unabridged teaching and ministry to bring wholeness to spirit, soul and body. You
will be able to identify and resolve spiritual roots of disease. The program includes ministry around these spiritual root issues. Our rural location aids in helping people focus separate from their normal routines and environments to gain a new perspective to their life. To learn more about this program or to register, click here.

For My Life™ – Near You:

For My Life™ – Near You provides an opportunity for those who cannot attend For My Life™ in Thomaston, GA. This three day class provides teaching and ministry around Be in Health™ principles in your area. This program is still in development, but if your church is interested in hosting a For My Life™ Near You, click here.

For My Life™ Online:

If you cannot attend For My Life™ on campus in Georgia or you are ready for a refresher course, you may participate in For My Life™ online. This program is based on the For My Life™ – Three Day. You may take the entire course in two and a half hour intervals during the 14 day course. Classes are offered twice a month. This program is still in development and is scheduled to begin registration during the Summer of ‘09. For a class schedule or to learn more about this program, click here.

For My Life™ – For Children:

Be in Health™ offers the “For My Life” program for children. In this class, children ages 6-12 will learn the biblical principles that are taught in the For My Life™ class, but geared for their age group. For a class schedule or to learn more about this program, click here.

For Their Life™:

For Their Life™ is a program for those who desire to help others on their spiritual journey to wholeness in recovery and restoration. This program is designed to equip you to effectively minister healing and deliverance to others. You will be equipped to identify the issues in the lives of others and to disciple them according to Biblical principles. To learn more about this program or to register, click here.

Spiritual Lifeline™:

If you are struggling spiritually, emotionally or physically, new information can help you resolve the problem. Generally, these problems do not just go away. Sometimes when you know what the source of the problem is, you still need someone to help you walk through how to apply new information to your life to help you overcome the problem. If you need someone trained to assist you in applying life changing principles to your life, Spiritual Lifeline™ could be that help. Please call (706) 646-3000 or (877) 646-3002 to learn more or to set up an appointment.

For all Programs:

  • Registration and fees are required for each program
  • A variety of accommodations are available. Please check our Accommodations page

An offer for Free Tuition is available.
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