Henry Wright: Helping Others With Healing From Allergies!

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Henry Wright leads a dynamic ministry entitled Be in Healthâ„¢. Be In Health is an international ministry teaching the biblical principles that bring healing of relationships and health. Henry Wright and staff offer teaching to unravel the mysteries of disease and reveal pathways to health and wholeness based on scriptural insight and understanding. Dedicated to helping people, Henry Wright offers insights to why mankind has disease, spiritual roots of disease and blocks to healing.

The following testimonies and video capture true testimonies of those healed from allergies:

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I was healed of allergies and a broken heart just from reading A More Excellent Way! After reading the book I went to Pleaseant Valley Church and attended classes. I met Pastor Henry Wright and many of the people who have testmonies in A More Excellent Way! It is not a book you can just read you have to get involved in studying the word of God. You will know so much more about the Bible and God’s truths and you will find A more Excellent Way to Be in Health!
I had over 100 food allergies and was binging and using laxatives daily. I had no life except for thinking about my illness. I am now totally set free.
Just reading the book and applying its principles has set me free from the horrendous allergies that I had been fighting for 30 years.

When I learned of your ministry, my 4 year old boy had an extreme allergy to dairy products. The doctor we took him to could do nothing successful. I started looking at his deeper issues and found several problems. One was a spirit of fear. I applied what information I had from Henry Wright and what the Lord has taught me over the years. My son is now healed. We still battle the spirit of fear at times, but he is learning to stand against it.

I started working on the rest of my family and the results have been the same. My 11-year-old daughter has been troubled all her life. The Lord Jesus is doing great things in her life. My wife has had a spastic colon from childhood. She could not eat red meat among other things. It took awhile to find the issue, but the Lord brought it to the surface. She now eats red meat and anything else she wants and has no problems. This is a dramatic change. No more doubling over with pain after dinner!

It is the Lord Jesus who is doing the work. But I want to say thank you for your ministry. ~D.S. Utah

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